Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What A Series.

I only have one Dan Johnson card and as I have already shown it to you all, I have no option but to put up another James Shields.

Did you watch the Rays and Yankees series? If not you missed one of the best series played this year. Three games all deicded by one run, one walk off homer,one pinch hit homer and in tonights rubber game two homers for Dan Johnson and a best actor Oscar for Derek Jeter. I hope the Jeter incident doesn't overshadow what was a truely great series of baseball, other than the home runs already mentioned we had fantastic pitching from Sabathia and Price in game one. A slugfest in game two and a great fielding play by Curtis Granderson in the 9th inning. Tonights game gave us as much drama as my heart could handle. Shields battling away against a tough line up, Phil Hughes pitching a great game except for two mistakes to Johnson. Great baseball played by two very good teams. This is what the game is all about. Love it.

PS. Derek Jeter is a cheat, and yes if a Ray had done the same thing I would be calling them a cheat also.

PPS. The card is a 2010 A&G Rip card (Ripped).

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