Monday, February 28, 2011

Silky Start to 2011

With the release of Topps 2011 comes a new year of tracking down James Shields. The first card is the good old base card. This came via a trade with Tony from Collecter Across The Pond. I got this and a few extra Shields that Tony didn't want, in exchange Tony recieved a Allen and Ginter mini of a dinosaur. Next comes the trusty Gold Border card short printed to 2011!!! Not much to say about this one apart from it didn't cost too much.

Next is the Diamond Anniversary card, I really like the design on this card. There is just something about shiney cards I really like. Topps have really done a nice job with their 60th anniversary cards, this makes a nice change.

Last but not least is the Silk Collection card 3/50. Picked this one up for $5 on ebay, this was a bit of a steal as all the other ones were listed as BIN at around the $10 mark. This one goes with the 2008 and 2009 Silk cards I Shields I already have.

Just need the Wal Mart black and the low numbered Black Border now. Sadly Topps neglected to put Shields in the fake leather glove set, which is a bit of a shame as it would have been nice to have one in my collection. Maybe next year when Topps has a Manufactured Jock Strap set.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello Again Kaz.

Scott Kazmir along with James Shields was one of the first players I really collected. The reason behind collecting Kazmir was simple, he was the only really good player on a very bad Rays team. Since he was traded away to the Angels I have not really collected any of his cards. Over the last few weeks I have decided to continue to collect his cards,but only the ones that really catch my eye. I just can't be bothered to collect his base, but nice auto's and GU will be added. The first new Kazmir card I got is the above, 2007 UD Black Pride of a Nation. I love UD Black
and this is the third Kazmir I have. I really miss Upper Deck baseball cards, they really did do higher end cards better than Topss.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preaching from the Mound.

I thought I would show off something different today, I think we were all getting bored of looking at James Shields or Wade Davis. Anyway, here we have the two of oldest cards I own (having just sold my 1912 c64 card). Above is the 1954 Topps Preacher Roe and Below is a 1952 Bowman. For some reason I have a soft spot for the old Brooklyn Dodgers, I'm not really sure why though as I wasn't alive when they played in Brooklyn. Maybe it's Roger Kahns fault with his wonderful stories of the Dodgers glory days. Maybe it's because they had players with nicknames such as Pee Wee, Oisk, Preacher and Shotgun. Maybe it's because the greatest named player was a pitcher with the old Brooklyn club, take a bow Mr Van Lingle Mungo. Whatever the attraction I will still pick up the odd Brooklyn card when not looking for other pc stuff. To everyone who moans about Topps cards being off centered in 2011,don't worry folks as Topps were doing it over 60 years ago.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wading About For Davis.

Some nice new additions to the Wade Davis PC. First up is a card I have been trying to get for ages,the Triple Threads rising star card,this one is numbered out of 75. Everytime I bid on one of these cards I was always sniped. So I just put a thread on SCF asking after Davis cards and a fellow boarder offered me this graded one and a Ben Zobrist auto card for $10+$2 shipping. As all the cards I had bid on ended at over $10 it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Not too sure why you would send in a relic card for grading though. Also note the relic is a bat, Wade of course is a pitcher in the AL and hardly ever gets to bat,so why did Topps not bother to get a jersey to insert? In fact Wade Davis had one at bat last season. ONE!!!!!!! Anyway a nice addition to the Davis PC.
Shiney Happy Cards. Another refractor to add,this time a Bowman Chrome 2010 Blue refractor #/150. Damn Topps and their refractors,another set of colors to chase down. Wade also appears in refractor form in Topps Chrome,Bowman Chrome,Bowman Draft,Bowman Platinum and Bowman Sterling, thats a lot of color and alot cards to chase. Though I only need one more to complete the Topps Chrome rainbow (Superfractor not counting). What I find annoying about this card is the fact it's picture is from spring training, you have a whole season to take photo's or buy photo's Topps, lets have a few cards with shot's from the MLB season please.

Last but not least, we have a Bowman Platinum base card. I like the design of this one and I guess will be chasing all the other variations of the card. Of course if any of you out in Blog world have any Wade Davis cards that are taking up too much space I can always find a home for them.
Happy Collecting Folks.