Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Most Expensive Card.

Fuji has come up with the question "Whats the most you ever spent on a sports card?" I normally limit myself to $20 per card and will only go over budget if is a card I really really want,I have let many James Shields cards pass due to high cost even though I had the paypal to get them. This baby is one I could not let go,it is a 2006 Sweet Spot Rookie card signed on (fake?) leather. It is my favorite PC card and one I wanted for so long. A collector on FCB pm'ed me about 12 months ago to tell me he was thinning his Shields PC and was there anything he had that I would be interested in. Well I asked if he was willing to part with this card and to my surprise he said yes. So $38 later it now resides in my PC and here it will stay forever. No way am I parting with this one.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another 1 Cent Card.

A Topps 2012 Archives 1956 Game Used. This beauty cost One Cent or One English Penny,I love picking up PC cards for the very minimum price on Ebay. I really like this card,the 1956 Topps is an iconic card and Topps have not done a dis service to it by updating it slightly. Of course if Topps were going for reality there would only be twenty people behind James Shields in the stadium.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

James Shields Gypsy Queen Style.

I am a wee bit behind with my Gypsy Queen post,to be honest I have been flat out lazy recently. Anyhoo here is the Shields Gypsy Queen 2012 Collection thus far.  Starting with the plain base card. I am a big fan of the design of these cards,just a bit unsure of the grey border.
Card number two is the Game Used Jersey card,this is the full size card.I love the background of this card,the game could only have been played at the Trop judging on the massive crowd in the background.

 Thirdly we have the framed mini game used,same design as the full size card. Again not a big fan of the frame color.
 Fourth is the Green Border mini,one of about 50 different variants of the mini card. A really rather icky color green to boot,not my favorite mini card of all time that's for sure.
 Last but not least we have the Cyan Printing Plate of the mini variation card. I believe these came in a small separate box inside the hobby box,so they were short printed. I love a good 1/1.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Disco Joe A Big No No.

It was throwback uniform night last night at the Trop. The Tigers wore their cool 1979 uniforms,a uniform that has a history. The Rays on the other hand had the above uniform. As they were formed in 1998 it is a bit hard to do throwbacks,normally its a uniform of a long forgotten Tampa minor league squad such as the Smokers or Pelicans. Last night the Rays wore a uniform that was invented just for last night and what a wonderful sight it is, I only hope they never wear this again. If any of you are old enough to remember the 70's and early 80's I'm sure you will agree that baseball has no place for disco style shenanigans. Maybe next time a punk inspired uniform or better still a uniform in the style of Kiss complete with face paint. Who wouldn't want to see Maddon done up in the style of Gene Simmons?