Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three Prized Possessions

 Mr Fuji has asked for my three prized sports possessions. So here they are in no particular order,first is a Bowman Chrome Shields rookie card. Ok it's not valuable or rare but it holds a place in my heart as it was the first Shields card I owned,if I remember it was one cent from ebay.
 Card two is a James Shields Exquisite Debut card 20/20. This is my first auto card of Shields and I remember setting my alarm for 3am so I would be awake to win it from ebay,remember folks I live in the UK and you good folks in the States are at least five hours behind us.
Last but not least is this 3x5 Stan Musial auto'ed card. My first auto of a Hall of Famer and surely on of the greatest hitters to ever wield the lumber. I bought a 6x4 auto'ed postcard of Stan from a fellow ebayer from Scotland and he threw this in as an extra!!!! How cool was that. If Fuji had wanted a fourth card it would be his own auto'ed card,there is something really cool about a Fuji card.