Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here we have some Alexander Torres cards from Bowman 2010 above and Bowman Chrome 2009. Can anyone see the problem with these cards? Yes,that's right the 2009 is his first Bowman Chrome card,but so is the 2010 version. My question to Topps is this why do you get it so wrong so often? I'm pretty sure that Torres is not the only one who has more than one version of his first Bowman card. Hardly life changing I know, but still annoying just the same.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

SPX Goodness.

Hello again fellow bloggers,hope you all had a great holiday season and Santa brought you all your cardboard wishes. To start the new year I thought I would show off my James Shields 2007 SPX Winning Materials collection.
First up is the copper or bronze jersey card numbered to 199.
Next is the Winning Trios card numbered to 75. This was a tough card to track down,but a very nice price for me at only $3. Along with Shields we have the under performing B J Upton and the dearly departed Carl Crawford. I'm pretty sure there must be a patch version of this card but I have never come across it.

Next in line is the green version numbered to 175.

Card four is the dual jersey card numbered to 50,again a tough card to track down,but again found at a reasonable price and a welcome addition to the old pc.

The final card is a first for my Shields collection. Yep it's my first multi colored patch card. This little beauty is numbered to 50. I'm sure there are better patch cards out there which are lower numbered,but this will do for now.