Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stan the Man Times Two.

Every now and again and an ebay seller will surprise you. While wading through pages of 1990 Donruss and various other junk wax cards I came across the postcard you see underneath. It's an official Stan Musial postcard and it's signed. The postcard cost me $15 including the shipping, the buyer got in contact with me after I had paid and told me he was adding another Musial card to the package.

 The other card he sent me was this really nice 5x3 card, and believe it or not this one is also signed by Stan Musial, so for my outlay of $15 I got two very sweet autographed cards of one of the real legends of the game. Very tasty!!!!

I was going to try and resell them as I believe there is a profit to be made from them,but on getting them I think I may have to frame them and put them up on my bedroom wall. So it pays to wade through pages of crap because sometimes there is a diamond waiting to be found.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Superbowl? No Thanks.

                                  Tom Brady,Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin with a Jets fan.

Boston vs New York. Yay!!!!!!

Yep think I'll give that a miss thank you very much. Normally I can find a white hat and a black hat in any given match up, but these two teams are both black hats.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Exquisite Auto.

Here is my seventh 2007 Exquisite Auto, this is my second dual auto. The first was James Shields with Fernando Salas who is now working in Burger King (probably). This is a super nice card 16/20, what I really like about this one is the fact I know who the other guy is. Chad Billingsley is of course a Dodger, that is unless he has been traded and I didn't notice.

The reason I own this card is as follows, I logged into Blowout Cards Forum to see I had a pm. It was from a guy who had found a very old thread I had made asking about Shields cards. He asked if I was interested in the Exquisite. Sure am said I, how much? He used the old "make me an offer" routine. So being the classy lowballer I am (joke) I offered him $10, He countered with $15 dlvd to the UK. Done deal Says I, quite happy as I was willing to go as high as $20 to get it.

I am so in love with the Exquisite cards and can't wait to bag a few more Shields for the collection.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dragon or Lion?

Here we have a Leaf Valiant 2011 Auto of Rays pitching prospect Taylor Guerrieri. I'm not normally one to chase after non licensed cards but I made an exception for this set. Why? I hear you shout. Two reasons, first it's shiny and Simon likes shiny things. Secondly it has a Dragon wearing a crown on it or a Lion wearing a crown.

I'm going with Lion, what do you guys think it is? This set kicks Leaf Drafts ass by the way, much nicer cards and clearer autos.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Years In The Making.

Drum roll please!!!!!! Here is my finished 2009 UD Icons James Shields nameplate. It has taken just about two years to complete and I am super happy about it. The final card was the letter I, this little bugger took over twelve months to track down, and when I did find it I had to rely on the kindness of Ryan from SCR to pick it up off for me. Thats what I love about this hobby,there are so many good guys out there willing to help others with their collections.

Have a great 2012 everyone. Go Rays!!!!