Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Exquisite Auto.

Here is my seventh 2007 Exquisite Auto, this is my second dual auto. The first was James Shields with Fernando Salas who is now working in Burger King (probably). This is a super nice card 16/20, what I really like about this one is the fact I know who the other guy is. Chad Billingsley is of course a Dodger, that is unless he has been traded and I didn't notice.

The reason I own this card is as follows, I logged into Blowout Cards Forum to see I had a pm. It was from a guy who had found a very old thread I had made asking about Shields cards. He asked if I was interested in the Exquisite. Sure am said I, how much? He used the old "make me an offer" routine. So being the classy lowballer I am (joke) I offered him $10, He countered with $15 dlvd to the UK. Done deal Says I, quite happy as I was willing to go as high as $20 to get it.

I am so in love with the Exquisite cards and can't wait to bag a few more Shields for the collection.