Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jeremy Who?

I know nothing about Basketball except it's played by very tall men with bad tattoos. Last week I got a package in the mail from Ryan at SCR, the main card in the package was a graded prospect card (post to come). Also included were a whole bunch of Basketball cards from various contests on SCR, the only reason I enter those contests is that my God sons are NBA mad and any cards I win go to them.

One card caught my eye though, the Jeremy Lin Bonus Shots 47/49, I knew nothing about Lin or the team he played for, after checking on ebay I found out his cards had gone through the roof pricewise, the last card #/49 sold for over $50. My card is currently on ebay and I'm hoping for a nice result so I can increase my Baseball PC's. So the morale of the story is this, keep on entering those contests because you never know what you will get. A big big thank you goes to Ryan and Colin at SCR for running some great contests and being all around good guys. If you haven't checked out SCR.com yet please do so as it's a great forum and not in the least bit snobby like other forums I could mention(I'm looking at you FCB.com).