Friday, January 6, 2012

Dragon or Lion?

Here we have a Leaf Valiant 2011 Auto of Rays pitching prospect Taylor Guerrieri. I'm not normally one to chase after non licensed cards but I made an exception for this set. Why? I hear you shout. Two reasons, first it's shiny and Simon likes shiny things. Secondly it has a Dragon wearing a crown on it or a Lion wearing a crown.

I'm going with Lion, what do you guys think it is? This set kicks Leaf Drafts ass by the way, much nicer cards and clearer autos.


  1. It's a lion, the reason it's a lion is a Lion is a symbol for a king!

  2. These are awesome! They're definitely a modified version of the 1998 Donruss Crusade inserts (which are one of the most popular insert sets ever), but I like the addition of the autograph.

    I think Martyn has the right idea... Lion!

  3. I think it's a lion also.A Dragon is a nagging old woman!!!!