Sunday, July 8, 2012

James Shields Gypsy Queen Style.

I am a wee bit behind with my Gypsy Queen post,to be honest I have been flat out lazy recently. Anyhoo here is the Shields Gypsy Queen 2012 Collection thus far.  Starting with the plain base card. I am a big fan of the design of these cards,just a bit unsure of the grey border.
Card number two is the Game Used Jersey card,this is the full size card.I love the background of this card,the game could only have been played at the Trop judging on the massive crowd in the background.

 Thirdly we have the framed mini game used,same design as the full size card. Again not a big fan of the frame color.
 Fourth is the Green Border mini,one of about 50 different variants of the mini card. A really rather icky color green to boot,not my favorite mini card of all time that's for sure.
 Last but not least we have the Cyan Printing Plate of the mini variation card. I believe these came in a small separate box inside the hobby box,so they were short printed. I love a good 1/1.

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