Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wading About For Davis.

Some nice new additions to the Wade Davis PC. First up is a card I have been trying to get for ages,the Triple Threads rising star card,this one is numbered out of 75. Everytime I bid on one of these cards I was always sniped. So I just put a thread on SCF asking after Davis cards and a fellow boarder offered me this graded one and a Ben Zobrist auto card for $10+$2 shipping. As all the cards I had bid on ended at over $10 it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Not too sure why you would send in a relic card for grading though. Also note the relic is a bat, Wade of course is a pitcher in the AL and hardly ever gets to bat,so why did Topps not bother to get a jersey to insert? In fact Wade Davis had one at bat last season. ONE!!!!!!! Anyway a nice addition to the Davis PC.
Shiney Happy Cards. Another refractor to add,this time a Bowman Chrome 2010 Blue refractor #/150. Damn Topps and their refractors,another set of colors to chase down. Wade also appears in refractor form in Topps Chrome,Bowman Chrome,Bowman Draft,Bowman Platinum and Bowman Sterling, thats a lot of color and alot cards to chase. Though I only need one more to complete the Topps Chrome rainbow (Superfractor not counting). What I find annoying about this card is the fact it's picture is from spring training, you have a whole season to take photo's or buy photo's Topps, lets have a few cards with shot's from the MLB season please.

Last but not least, we have a Bowman Platinum base card. I like the design of this one and I guess will be chasing all the other variations of the card. Of course if any of you out in Blog world have any Wade Davis cards that are taking up too much space I can always find a home for them.
Happy Collecting Folks.

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