Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Preaching from the Mound.

I thought I would show off something different today, I think we were all getting bored of looking at James Shields or Wade Davis. Anyway, here we have the two of oldest cards I own (having just sold my 1912 c64 card). Above is the 1954 Topps Preacher Roe and Below is a 1952 Bowman. For some reason I have a soft spot for the old Brooklyn Dodgers, I'm not really sure why though as I wasn't alive when they played in Brooklyn. Maybe it's Roger Kahns fault with his wonderful stories of the Dodgers glory days. Maybe it's because they had players with nicknames such as Pee Wee, Oisk, Preacher and Shotgun. Maybe it's because the greatest named player was a pitcher with the old Brooklyn club, take a bow Mr Van Lingle Mungo. Whatever the attraction I will still pick up the odd Brooklyn card when not looking for other pc stuff. To everyone who moans about Topps cards being off centered in 2011,don't worry folks as Topps were doing it over 60 years ago.

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