Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ich Bin Ein Card Collector.

Something a little different today. Topps American Pie card commemorating JFK's speech at the Berlin Wall in 1961 (could be wrong). The card contains authentic remnants of the Berlin Wall or as my dear old Dad said "you have just got a card with some cement dust in it". Not really sure what made me buy this one, just nice to own a little bit of history I guess. Mind you with Topps record regarding relics it's probably from a wall in Berlin Conneticut. What would make a really cool JFK card? A piece of grass from the grassy knoll, sand from the Bay of Pigs?

Tell me folks,what would you like to see on a card? Not just sports cards but anything you like.


  1. How thick is that card? I wonder if you can get bits of the wall with graffiti on it? Nice piece of history though.
    I'm not sure what I would like to see on a card that hasn't already been done but I'll have a think.

  2. I think people like JFK, Aristotle, William Blake, and inventors. Also not sure how many are out there but stadium cards, pictures from the bleachers @ wrigley and views from the green monster.It probably will be from the wall, there was alot of it, however if you visit just take a piece, would like to see Johnny Cash, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison on a card though.

  3. Not seen the card yet,but according to my dad it's just cement dust rather than a piece of wall.The DNA cards have pretty much cornered the weird card market.The card I am really after is an Audrey Hepburn relic card and for my Mum a John Wayne relic card.Everytime I bid on either of those on the bay I get sniped.

  4. Martyn.
    Check out Donruss Americana,those guys may be in that set.

  5. Yeah I wouldn't mind an Audrey Hepburn relic myself, to give a girl who thinks i'm stupid for collecting.