Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ugly,Ugly Card.

Here we have a very ugly card, it's a Diasuke Matsuzaka 2007 Turkey Red Rookie card. This has to be the ugliest card I have seen, the picture is just awful. It looks as if Dice K (how i hate that) is either about to do something nasty in his uniform pants or is about to have a stroke. I have never seen Mr Matsuzaka in real life so it may be this is how he looks, if not I would be very unhappy with a card that made me look this odd. The other thing that makes this card really ugly is of course it's a Red Sox player. Just kidding Red Sox fans. Or am I.


  1. Fair play it's a cartoon, but if i was Dice-K I'd have ordered them to change it.

  2. Take it Back! XD :) Yeah But he does look like he is constipated

  3. After tonights performance he is favorite sox pitcher. : )