Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rain Delay.

The Rays got mullered 13-5. My scanner has gone on the Fritz, I seen to have picked up a fever of some sort and to cap it all off we are having the monsoon storm from hell right now. I just spent the last 15 minutes making sure the hatches were well and truely battened down in the old homestead. The only god thing about a storm like this is that it shuts up my neighbours fighting cocks ( I live in the Philippines at the moment). I thought a cock was only supposed to crow at dawn, not these buggers, every minute of everyday one of them is cock a doodle dooing. I wish they would cock a doodle don't.
So how do you cheer yourself up on a day like today? You show off one of your favorite cards. A James Shields Exquisite Phenoms Gold Auto 11/15. What I love most about this card is the look on Shield's face, a look left over from old portraits of 18th century nobles. This is not the look of a man who is going to surrender six home runs in one game. This is the look of a man who will shoot game birds before retiring to the study for brandy,the look of a man who may do something unsavoury to the under maid. So I have decided when i have a day like today I am just going to adopt the Shields face and everything will be ok. If you ever see a six five slightly overweight Englishman moaning about noisy fighting cocks, take a look at his face,because if he is wearing this look come over and say hi to me.
ps. Anyone trading with me should know all my trades are handled from the UK. My dad does all the posting and shipping, so don't worry if you were thinking they were coming from the soggy Philippines.


  1. Sorry to hear about the bad day,
    Is your Sister not sorting your cards out anymore? I like the card very nice!

  2. Doesn't sound so great in the Philippines at the moment but at least that's a great looking card! So do you ever get cards sent over to the Philippines or do you just let them wait until you get back to the UK?

  3. I did get some sent over once, but they got wrecked by the airline and Filipino PO. Unless its sent DHL things have a habit of going missing if you know what I mean.So I just wait until my parents come out here or i go back for a holiday.