Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hit or Miss.Do We Have The Right To Complain?

It's that time of year again folks when the good people at Topps bring us Triple Threads. This retails at around $180 a box. In said box you will recieve 4 hits,two autos and two jersey or bat cards. As usual the checklist is loaded with great hits,including Babe Ruth GU,Ty Cobb GU,Pujols and A Rod autos,also included are the rising star cards. Rising stars include Jason Heyward,Austin Jackson and of course Topps favorite money maker Stephen Strasburg. Below are four cards which I borrowed from E Bay as an example as to what you might get in your $180 box.

First up is a GU of Hunter Pence star outfielder of the Astro's. Personally I like this card,but would I be prepared to hand over such a large sum of money to own it? Other than hard core Astro fans or Pence collecters I don't think this card has a great deal of value.
The second example of a GU card is the Mark Buehrle All Star Game Patch 1/1. This is a beautiful card, the actual All Star Game patch from Buehrle's jersey. This card is definatly worth handing over $180 to own. For a collecter it's a thing of beauty and for someone who is only in it to re sell it's going to bring in some serious wonga.

Moving on to the Autographs in the set. First example is a Chris Volstad Auto/Bat card 21/99. Now to be honest I don't really know much about Volstad apart from it was him who plunked Nyjer Morgan twicw to spark the Marlin/Nats brawl. The question that comes to my mind is should Volstad even be in such a high end product as Triple Threads? The rising star set also includes Scott Sizemore and Chris Getz. I understand that these guys are Major Leaguers and as such are at the top of their profession,but as we are paying so much for a box of cards should we expect better players?

The final example is the Strasburg 1/1. Just a lovely looking card and is Mr Money himself. Even though Strasburg is injured this is still going to bring in a lot of money if you decided to sell it.
The whole point of this post is this,do we as the buyer have the right to moan and whine like kids when our box only brings a Pence and Volstad. As the buyer it's our duty to check the list of players and see if we will get value for money. Should we be buying boxes just so we can resell the cards?I have searched the forums reading the box breaks of this product and some boxes have been amazing,others have been more than disappointing. I rarely break boxes due to the cost, I accept when I do break one my cards may not be awesome. If you are going to buy Triple Threads this year I wish you luck, and if you get a Garza or Wade Davis and want to sell it cheap you know where to come.
Happy box breaking my friends.


  1. Hi just watched a Chris Getz sell on ebay for $5
    if only it wasn't US only, gonna wait on them, wait for more to turn up, I'm sure COMC will get a few of this set up soon

  2. And that's why I just wait for the card I want to pop up on ebay.

  3. I have a few Linds on my watchlist. I'll give it a few weeks for prices to settle before I pick one up.