Friday, September 3, 2010

NCAA Football Off and Running

I love college football, I fell in love with it in 2003 when on vacation in Florida. The 2010 season kicked off on Thursday, but my team the Temple Owls started their season Friday evening against the Villanova Wildcats. As usual the Owls made heavy weather of beating their 1AA opponents. Unlike last year though they did beat the Wildcats, the Owls could be in line to win the MAC conference this year. This would be a fantastic achievement for a program that was in the toilet for a long time. Last year the Owls went 9-4 their first winning season since they went 7-4 in 1990 thats along time between winning seasons. The Owls were even kicked out of the Big East conference for being so bad. One man has turned the team around Al Golden, since Goldens arrival the team has improved year on year and are now in line for a possible conference win. Go Owls.
Why you may ask does a guy from the UK follow a team like the Owls. Simple I love to support an underdog. I follow the Rays in baseball and have since 2003 when they were awful. I support Colchester United football team and believe me they have not got a glorious history, so when it came time to pick a NCAA football team the Owls were my only choice.

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