Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Mail Day.

First up from the last lot of mail I recieved we hav a Bowman Draft 2006 Blue Refractor 12/199,this was part of a trade I did with drays4life over on FCB. Chris has the most amazing collection of James Shields cards.His website is definatly worth taking a look at
Secondly we have another James Shields 2007 Exquisite card,this one is Exquisite Endorsements and is #/50 this is the first I have with the red ink auto. Got this from SCF for $10 after I convinced the seller it was cool to send to the UK.

Next is possibly the coolest card I own. Bowman Sterling Black Refractor 17/25. This is the real deal and not a backdoor no number card, I have been conned by a seller for one of those. This little baby comes sealed in a Topps case. This was the second part of the deal with Chris. I really think I got the good end of the deal, I gave up a Jake McGee refractor auto and a Longoria Topps Tribute bat relic and got back the two refractors plus $10 paypal.

Next is a very cool looking John Jaso Bowman Xfractor 2008 auto. Not one I am particularly looking to keep,but I must admit I do find Xfractors very cool looking cards.

Last but not least is this little beauty, Cole Hamels 2008 Sweet Spot Auto 1/300. Yes indeed it's an E Bay 1/1, if anyone is interested this one is already listed on E Bay.


  1. Huge mail day! Great looking black refractor.
    Do all the Exquisite have red auto variations? or was it just for Shields? My Lind is in blue I think.

  2. There are alot of variations of the same card in Exquistite. I think this is the 5th different card in the set.The Endorsement ones and a ouple of the other variations have different versions.The old card company con,if you want the player set you have to buy 4 versions of the same card with different numbering or ink color.

  3. I cant find any Lind variations at all for this particular card and I have the exact same one as you /50.
    I hope theres one out there somewhere, I really want a red ink.