Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweet Auto.

Here we have a Tristar Signa Cut auto of Ralph Branca. What I love about this auto apart from it being a Brooklyn Dodger is how clear and crisp it is. Branca has such a beautiful signature,this comes from his mother telling him to always make it look good. (Always listen to your mother people). Modern players need to take a lesson from the old school guys about signing, how many of us own auto cards and cannot make out the auto. For example without the picture on the card would we really know it was Tim Lincecums auto,come on guys keep those autos crisp and clear.

This auto is posted in response to Tony's Bobby Thomson auto,now you have seen both guys involved in one of baseball most dramatic moments.


  1. Very nice auto. I agree about the modern players, especially Lincecum.
    I bet there's a dual auto of Thomson/Branca out there somewhere, that would be an amazing card to get hold of.

  2. Some guy over on SCF pulled the rivals booklet 1/1 of Thomson and Branca.It was on E Bay for $599. It was a sweet looking card.