Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It Had To Be Kaz.

When you are a fan of a team that stinks you need something good to latch onto,this is why I deceided my first player to collect would be Scott Kazmir. Kazmir was one of the only good things about the Rays during the mid 2000's. Kaz gave a poor team a chance to win everytime he went to the mound, the same cannot be said of Seth McClung or Casey Fossum. When your team sucks you need a straw to clutch onto. Sadly for Kaz after the wonderful 2008 season when the Rays went all the way his stuff started to go downhill, he had a high ERA, lost velocity,more walks and all of a sudden the writing was on the wall. Then he was gone, traded away to the Angels for Sean Rodriguez and two more prospects. I remember feeling very sad that he had gone, but also hopeful that he could turn around his career with the Angels. Sadly this is not happening, last night (Tuesday) Kaz faced off against the Rays and lost 4-3, his record now stands at 8-11 with an ERA over 6. It looks as if Kaz may be finished, I hope he can sort out his career, he was my first player PC and one of my favorite player. In tribute here are a couple of his cards. A nice UD Black and a Sweet Spot Signatures. Both cards are favorites of mine.

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  1. Those are two great looking cards. Hopefully he gets his career jump started again. The good thing is, he's left handed, and has already had success in his career so that should buy him several more years at the MLB level. At the very least if all else fails he could try the bullpen and might turn into a good lefty late inning guy.