Friday, August 13, 2010

Stop! Wait a Minute Mr Postman.

Ohhhhhhhhh!!!! Look at all the pretty colors. I actually forgot I had this incoming as it had taken so long to arrive. This is for trade or sale if anyone is interested.
My first David Price Auto,this is a Sweet Spot Sweet Beginnings 188/299. Price broke the Rays single season win record this past week with his 15th win. Cy Young possibility.

First up from todays mail is this little beauty. Donruss Elite Extra Throwback Threads Todd Glaesmann Auto/Jersey 43/250. Todd was the Rays 3rd round draft pick last year. Currently he is in rookie league with the Princeton Rays. .216 4hr 20 rbi in 46 games so far this year.
Also picked up a nice card for Tony (should be on its way) I will let him show it off to you all.


  1. Very nice looking cards,
    I like the David Price one.
    And Glaesmann's auto looks like his name.

    I alway's like Alan Shearers auto cause you can read it.

  2. Very happy with the Price.Glaesmanns auto is a very nice one,I'm fed up with getting autos that look nothing like the players name.