Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Mail From COMC.

Here is my first ever card from Yes it's another James Shields card, this time we have a 2007 Exquisite Futures 8/20. As stated in a previous post I love these cards the quality is second to none. This brings my Shields Exquisite cards up to four with another in the mail from SCF.
As stated this was my first try at using COMC, I shall be using that site a lot more often now I know it will be delivered to the correct address, the reason I was a tad worried was that my address on gthe site only had UK instead of United Kingdom and I was worried it would be sent to the University of Kentucky. I have already placed another order for 16 cards including a handful of Shields minis and refractors. The prices are way below E Bay on the lesser cards, the postage is a little high for the weight of the cards, but on the plus side if I bought 16 cards from ten different buyers on E Bay the shipping would be way high. A big thanks to Tony for putting me onto this site.

A quick shout out to Fuji for being the most patient man on the planet. Thanks for being a Gent Fuji.

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  1. Never had a problem with COMC. Used them a couple of times now and if anything they are getting better. Its also the best site for trade bait, you can find some nice low priced, high BV cards there.
    Awesome looking card by the way!