Friday, August 27, 2010

Shields Mail Day.

First up we have some nice mini's purchased from COMC, I didn't have a single mini in my Shields pc so I thought it was time to rectify that. I have mini cards from Allen & Ginter 2009,2008,2009 Black Border a Piedmont mini from t206 and a Goodwin Champions mini. Also in this lot are four Garza mini's and a Jeff Niemann mini. Funny how over time your opinion will change, I used to hate mini cards now I love them. Very happy with the price of these all less than a dollar each. Nice additions to the old PC.
In this picture we have the regular size Shields cards that arrived yesterday. The Ultimate Jumbo Jersey Auto is from E Bay the others were from COMC. I have been after the Jumbo jersey auto since that set came out last year, I was finally lucky enough to find one on E Bay that wasn't buy it now. Got this beauty for $5 which to my mind is a real bargin. Along with the auto we have a Allen & Ginter 2010 This Day in History card,2006 Bowman Gold,2006
Topps '52 Chrome,2009 O Pee Chee Black and 2007 Heritage Rainbow Foil. COMC has become a bit of a God send for me, this is because I was shying away from buying Shields base cards as the shipping for lesser cards is alot on E Bay. COMC shipping is high but it still works out cheaper to buy 15 cards there than it does to buy 15 cards from 15 different sellers on E Bay. The Shields PC is getting bigger all the time and with luck will continue to grow. I have a couple more nice Shields incoming. I will post them as they arrive. Thanks for looking Guys/Gals.

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