Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Little Mail.

Alexander Colome Tristar Pursuit of the Majors Gold Auto 68/80(have 3 and 1 #/25)
Joseph Cruz Bowman 2010 Blue Refractor 65/250

Kyle Lobstein Razor Auto /199

Luke Bailey Donruss EEE TOTC Auto 66/100

Kyeong Kang 2009 Bowman Sterling Gold Refractor 5/50

Jake McGee Bowman 2008 Auto /500 got two of these.

Alexander Torres Blue Refractor /250

Alexander Torres Gold Refractor 40/50.

David Price pie in the face. Cost $20. This one is already on E Bay.
So all in all not a bad week or so of mail,the Torres pc races on only need an orange refractor,red refractor and printing plate for the rainbow,we will scrub the Superfractor as its already sold for over $500.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet Cards. Good luck getting the rest of the refractors and printing plate.