Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fed up.

Since 2003 I have been an avid fan of the Tampa Bay (Devil)Rays, I took in a game when on vacation and have been hooked ever since. Anyone who knows about baseball will know that the Rays were bad back then and had been a bottom feeder for the first 10 years of their life. Up until 2008 they had only won 70 games once and only finished fourth of five in the AL East once. In 2008 something magical happened the Rays won and won alot, so much in fact they went all the way to the World Series. Last year they won, but not as many and this time missed the play offs. This year they have the second best record in the majors behind the Yankees. So you would think everything in Rays fandom should be sunny and rosy right? If you were thinking yes you would be wrong. I frequent a few Rays Forums, I don't post very often due to the fact I can't watch the games live except on MLB Gameday, my connection is too slow to get MLB TV. Anyway reading these forums you would think the Rays were the worst team in the MLB. I understand it's every fans right to bitch and moan about their teams performance, Thor knows I have done it often enough myself. The point I am trying to make is this, I am really pissed off at some fans reactions to a bump in the road. Last week James Shields pitched a gem against the Yankees and won, A few days ago James Shields gave up SIX homers against the Blue Jays, same pitcher different results. Hey he's only human right, even the best had bad days. Shields gets killed on the boards, trade him the shout,piece of crap pitcher etc etc. The Rays lose five in a row against a good Twins team and a better than expected Jays team, is this taken as a bump in the road? Nope, fire Maddon is the cry, bring up player X demote player Y to the GCL. This kind of reaction pisses me off to the max. Have fans forgotten how bad we used to be? Do they now believe they have the right to win every game? Is this what happens when your team all of a sudden becomes half decent? 162 games is a long season to lose five in a row is a blip not a disaster. To all fans of all teams I say this, love your team for what they are, human. No one is perfect (unless they are pitching against the Rays), don't take a defeat so hard, don't gloat too hard when your team wins. Rant over.

Trivia time.

In 1903 in a game between Benson and Willmar something happened that will never be repeated. In the bottom of the 10th with Benson one run in front the Willmar pitcher hit a single, the next batter hit the ball past the centre fielder, can you guess what happened next?

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  1. RE Trivia.
    I was reading the story on a website last week, I'd heard of it before. A truly amazing story. That probably didn't happen but hey ho!