Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Dear.

I hate this card,in fact I loathe this card. I can't decide if Shields looks more like a Rabbi or Circus clown. Imagine a red nose and make up and bingo you have Coco the clown. Topps seem to have scored a bit of an own goal this year. Firstly we had the Chicle set,which if we are honest was a bit of a let down.Some fantastic artwork mixed in with some bloody awful artwork. Tony at collecter from across the pond has addressed the Chicle issue in his blog,including the Tom Seaver "evil twin"card. I know Topps wanted to keep the 206 series in keeping with the original,but unless all those old timers were suffering water on the brain Topps missed big time.The Shields above is not the only weird looking card in the set,many of the players seem to be suffering from pumpkin head syndrome. About time Topps got some new artists I think.

1 comment:

  1. The Lind is not much better. At least Shields looks awake on his card, Lind looks like hes just woken up!