Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Shields Mail Day.

Another week and another haul of James Shields cards. These cards bring the Shields pc total into the 80's. Hoping to have the century by Christmas if possible,I have three more sitting at COMC I am waiting to add some more before getting those sent out,also waiting for 3 auto cards which I obtained on the forums.One of those is a card I have been searching for since I started collectin Shields,I am very excited about it arriving,I won't tell you what card it is though because I want to show it off on here. Anyone want to guess what it might be?
Anyway on to this weeks haul,first in line is a 2006 Topps 52 IP auto. I don't normally go after IP cards because you never know if the auto is kosher. I got this one for two reasons, first it was very cheap at $1 and secondly I didn't have a Topps 52 in my pc,so I killed two birds with one stone on this one.
Second card this week is a shiny Topps Chrome 2010 Gold Refractor. The mission is to try to collect the rainbow. I just missed out on a Red Refractor on the bay earlier this week.Not many
colored refactors of Shields on ebay yet, I have not seen a blue,orange or xfractor yet.
Third card is more shiny goodness,the regular refractor from 2010 chrome.

Fourth card is the Upper Deck Icons GU card. Recently picked up the base card from this set and now need the #ed versions to make a full set. I am only missing a letter I from the letterman set. Getting desperate for that one now,really want the full name set.

Card five is a 2007 Spx winning materials dual GU #/50, this is the fourth GU I have from this set,but the first dual GU. I am looking for a patch from this set,a guy on COMC has one but won't budge from his set price. Still hoping to grind him down.

Last and certainly not least is a 2009 Goodwin Champions GU,I love the look of this set,I think its the differing backgrounds that make it a nice looking set of cards. So far I have the auto,base,regular mini and now the GU from this set,looking for the black border mini,foil mini if Shields has one and a plate to complete the set. If any of you lovely people have any of the cards I am looking for and are willing to part with them please let me know.
Until next time folks,happy collecting and breaking.


  1. Looking good! I've been looking out for the mini black and foil goodwins for Lind too, I haven't seen one anywhere after months of looking, starting to think they dont exist.
    Looking forward to seeing that mystery auto.

  2. Nice additions! Shields has a really nice sig... You and I should get together and trade Rays cards someday... GO Rays!

  3. Tony.
    As Lind was an SP there are no foli or black minis of his.Have you ever checked out baseballcardpedia? Very handy for checklists.

  4. Ah, I never knew that. I do actual go to that site quite often but I've never checked the Goodwin list, I just assumed there were variations for all cards. I need to pay more attention.