Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good to Have Friends.

Tony over at collector from across the pond(Wales No1 Baseball Card Blog)was kind enough to send me a couple of James Shields cards this week. First up we have two cards from 2009 t206,the card with the white border is the standard base card and then we have the bronze border parallel. I like the look of the 2009 set so much more than the terrible looking 2010 set.These are very nice additions to the Shields PC.

The other card Tony sent is an Upper Deck Ballpark Auto/GU. Always pleaseing to add an auto or GU,doubly pleasing to get both in one card.This set is one of the reasons I miss Upper Deck,yes it was overpriced and some of the multi player GU cards had an odd mixture of players,but it is a nice looking set, one I am happy to own.

I have some more new Shields cards to show off,but as Tony is a good friend I think these cards deserve a post of their own. Also a quick thank you to Martyn at Steal Second (Blackburns No1 card Blog)for sending me teo Scott Kazmir GU cards.I will post these when I get the scans sorted out.
BTW nice to see the Yankees get mullered today,even though a typhoon knocked out my electric midway through the 5th inning.

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  1. Glad you like them. I'll keep an eye out for others for you