Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Crap I Won.

It's not very often I win anything,mainly because I rarely enter contests. The wonderful folks over at Sports Card Radio ran a contest last week with the prize being one pack of Panini Absolute Football. I will mention here that the good folks at Panini donated the box to SCR. All we had to do was post in the contest thread of the forum to get an entry.The names were then randomed off to see who would claim one of the packs. My name was 4th on the list giving me a pack of cards.

The big hit from the pack was a Jimmy Clausen Auto/Relic card 210/299. This is the best card I have pulled (or pulled for me). I actually know who Clausen is and he was rated highly by the scout pre draft.
The other 3 cards in the pack were an Adrian Peterson,a Dallas Clark and a Jermaine Cunningham Rookie card. I had to Google Cunningham as I knew nothing about him. He was 53rd pick in the 2010 draft,an alumni of Florida University and was picked by New England.So far this season he has 11 tackles,1 sack and forced fumble.
I would like to take the chance to say a big thank you to the guys at SCR for running the contest and also to Panini for donating the box. Hey all you other card companies support SCR and show them some love.


  1. yeah a geat contest with a nice product, however $150-$160, is a bit too much for me!

  2. I was checking out some other box breaks on a coulpe of other forums and to be honest our box was pretty good,but some of the boxes were amazing.One guy had 4 hits all numbered under 50 including auto/patch and an NFL shield card.Still I think the cards look really smart,I like shiney.

  3. Cant go wrong with free cards! Congrats!

  4. You had a great box. I did alright too with box #2. I'd love to have the Cunningham if you wanted to trade.

  5. TJ the card is somewhere over the Atlantic at the moment,but I am open to trade when it arrives.