Saturday, October 2, 2010

Got Quads?

Two new Shields cards to show off to you. As you can see both are quad GU from 2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection. These are my first multi player GU cards and I am fairly happy with both. I do have a problem with the top card though. As you can see it has another of my plyers Matt Garza on it, the problem I have is that Garza is still in his Twins uniform. He was traded to the Rays prior to the 2008 season,so this just smacks of laziness on the part of Upper Deck. I know there were complaints with many of their products during 2009, the SPX set had many GU cards showing the player in the wrong uniform. Is it any wonder that MLB went with Topps and no one else for the license to produce cards.


  1. I have a Lind card with AJ Burnett. Burnett is still pictured as a Blue Jay but has a Yankee badge. Don't know why they couldn't have photo shopped or air brushed the pictures.
    Cool quads.

  2. I sold an SPX 09 Nick Swisher Auto/GU the picture had him in a White Sox Uni the swatch was black obviously White Sox jersey and in big letters at the bottom it said Yankees.