Thursday, July 22, 2010

You Want How Much?

I pride myself on being an honest and fair trader/seller. If I add shipping to my prices it will always be exactly what it costs me. My E Bay shipping is $3.50 to the USA from the UK and that is exactly what it costs me,taking into account shipping cost,mailer cost and toploader costs. My question is why do some sellers on E Bay want a stupid amount of money charge for shipping. An example for you all, I was very interested in an Alexander Torres Bowman 2010 Orange Refractor, it was a decent price for a card of that type. The lister had not specified an overseas shipping charge instead they invited me to mail them with the question. The seller responded quickly to my request for his costs which is always nice,upon opening the message I found that they were asking for $15 in shipping. I mailed the seller back and asked if this would be USPS priority shipping as I know this can be quite high in cost. Reply came back "No this will be USPS 1st class international mail and its the best I can do". Well bugger me!!! $15 for shipping one card? I think not sir. USPS charges $1.64 to send 1-4 cards 1st class international,I pointed this out to the seller and he didn't take kindly to this information and suggested I do something rather unsavoury to my mother. When I see these kind of shipping costs it leads me to a couple of conclusions.
1. You don't really want to send your cards overseas.
2. You are a rip off merchant who thinks all overseas buyers are stupid.
I can understand point one,maybe they have been burnt by overseas buyers saying they didn't recieve their cards etc. If this is the case why state that you will ship worldwide?Just list your cards so only American buyers can see them, is that too hard to do?
Moving on to point two, a simple look at the USPS website gives any potential buyers the information they need about how much its going to cost to ship out their cards. The most I will pay for shipping now is $5 and that is only if it's a card I cannot get from any other seller.

Most of the sellers/traders I have dealt with over at SCF have asked me how much is it to send? I have always sent them the link to USPS website so they know I am not conning them and so they can have it for future reference. So in conclusion it's hats off to SCF traders and a big raspberry to con artisits over on E Bay.

The answer to the triva question I posed is. Don Larsens wife served him with divorce papers the day he pitched his perfect game.

Todays question.
Why is WWE champion John Cena allowed to make movies?


  1. If I mention some of the charges that I have had to pay or been quoted for shipping I'll be here forever! That's interesting about Don Larsen, do you think he cared? He just pitched one of the greatest games in baseball history.
    Oh how I hate Cena! Its not a secret that I'm a huge wrestling fan but Cena annoys me a lot. I have no idea why hes allowed to make movies, I'm guessing its because, I hate to say it, not a bad actor but I'm sure that there's going to be an interesting answer to this one. 12 Rounds by the way was an OK film and one that I recommend.

  2. I have just seen 12 rounds and hated it,the question is just sarcasm.He stinks as an actor.I never understand why wrestlers make adult type movies when most of their fan base is too young to see them.

  3. There are alot of alright wrestling actors. The Rock is getting better all the time, Roddy Piper was great in they live and the big show can actually act. 12 Rounds was nice and cheesy and had its moments. I also liked the condemned for the same reason. But there are plenty of wrestlers who cant act but get parts for being popular, like Hogan. Your right about the fan base, its very young at the moment due to the fact that's what the WWE want. They are losing a hell of alot of older fans due to this. TNA on the other hand are trying to attract older fans by actually allowing their wrestlers more freedom to do what they want in the ring. Wrestling has not been good for a few years now, not since about 2004 but I still watch and hope for the glory days to return.