Monday, July 26, 2010

In Honour of a No Hitter.

In honour of Matt Garza's no hitter. The four colored refractors from Topps Finest 2009. I love refractors there is just something about shiney cards. Maybe I was a Magpie in a previous life.If anyone out there has the base card and ordinary refractor let me know as I don't have either of those or a printing plate.


  1. Big congrats to Garza. I'm working on the Lind finest rainbow from 2010. I need the gold and red. the gold should be no problem they seem to be on ebay a lot but the red I have only seen once. Good luck with the other cards you need. I wish Lind had an 09 finest, they look so much better than 2010.

  2. Rainbows are the best. Brignac just needs some more of them and I'll be set.
    What about those ESPN commentators though? I know it's just superstition, but did they need to say the word "no-hitter" the 2395876978 times that they did? They even had graphics up talking about it! I don't think they know the meaning of an unwritten rule. And you have to love them cutting away to watch A-Rod ground weakly to shortstop instead of seeing CC and Longoria have their at bats.