Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's My Birthday And I'll Buy If I Want To.

Today is my birthday (Yay) and thanks to my parents and sister I have around $100 in the old paypal account. The question is what do I buy? Do I buy a few things for the various PC's I have going? Or do I buy a nice lot from one of the forums so I can make a bit of extra money on resales? In recent weeks I have been doing a little of both. I have bought some nice Rays prospect cards including blue and gold refractors from the new Bowman set. Also I have picked up a few nice cards which I intend to move on if they ever arrive. For a $100 I know I can pick up a really nice lot on SCF which would include some Hall of Famers or some nice auto's or patches,but I could also pick up some really nice PC items like a nice orange refractor for my prospects PC. The other alternative is to buy a hobby box,but do I really want the risk of getting a crappy one with poor hits and be left with a shedload of base that I will never shift. Any advice or suggestions would be very welcome.

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  1. Happy birthday!
    If you were a set builder I'd say go for a box, but your not a set builder and you'd probably be stuck with a lot of crap that you will have a problem moving on.
    Best thing would to put half towards a card(s) you want for PC and the other half towards some prospects that you can probably sell later on for a profit. Let us know how you do.