Monday, July 26, 2010

Topps Tribute.

You have just spent over $250 on a box of Tribute,you get home all excited about your high end purchase. You begin to bust it open,you pull the G/U first wow a Jeter,a Longoria and a Hall of Famer. Ok not too bad but nothing great. So the last three packs are holding your auto's. Will you pull a JFK/Nixon cut maybe a big Hall of Famer? So you open the last three packs and you get Bengie Molina,Chone Figgins and Aki (I was DFA'D by the Pirates)Iwamura. The point of this post is to ask Topps why the hell these guys are even close to being in a high end product. I understand you won't pull a Jeter 1/1 every time,I have no problem with that. What I do have a problem with is why such players are in this product. Even the worlds biggest Mariners fan is going to be pretty pissed if he pulled a Figgins. Come on Topps you owe the hobby more than this. You have sole rights over the card market,give the collecters more bang for their buck.To be honest I would be pretty pissed if I pulled a Figgins out of a low end product.


  1. Agreed. The only autos that belong in a product like this are HOF'ers, major stars (Jeter, Lincecum etc) or home team stars from past or present (Canceco for the A's, Randy Johnson for the mariners etc).
    You didnt buy this box did you?

  2. No way. Can't afford it.Will wait for the cards to show up on e bay and hopefully get a cheap Longoria.

  3. Cheap Longoria - that's an oxymoron surely?