Thursday, December 8, 2011

My First Bowman Draft of 2011.

When I first started collecting three years ago I never bothered with prospects, I didn't realy understand the concept of prospecting. In the last twelve months I begun to collect more and more Rays prospect cards, building up nice little pc's of a few of the young guys. One of my favorite things now is checking the minor league box scores to find out how my guys are doing.

My first card from this year's Bowman Draft is this rather nice Taylor Guerrieri Blue Refractor. Taylor was the Rays first pick in the 2011 draft. He came with a little bit of a black cloud hanging over him. He had some trouble in high school which had forced him to transfer schools. The forums were rife with rumours about what had happened and should the Rays have picked a guy with a dodgy history. Taylor finally admitted that he had been caught at a HS football game drinking in the bleachers. Hardly a big deal in my mind and if he had fronted up straight away all the bad press would have disappeared. Hopefully it is just a one off deal and not a longer term problem like Josh Hamilton had/has. For a first round pick his cards are very nicely priced, so look for more posts showing off his cards.

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