Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Goals.

Reading around the blogs I follow I have noticed a lot of my fellow bloggers are listing their collecting goals for 2012. So being stuck for something to write about I thought I would list mine.

1. Reach 300 different James Shields cards. This one should be fairly simple, I up around 200 and as he had a very good 2011 he should feature in more sets than last year.

2. Complete the Topps 1968 Game Insert set. Only 33 cards in the set and I need about a dozen more, only problem is I have the cheap ones, I need the more pricey ones.

3. Try to get an auto of every Rays prospect featured in the various 2012 sets.

4. Return home to the UK. Hold on that ones going to be done in 2011, my wife finally got her settlement visa and we are flying home to UK on 29th December.

5. To continue to enjoy the various blogs I follow, to continue to make trades with you guys.


  1. Good luck Simon I hope you have a great family get together!

  2. Cheers Martyn, who knows maybe you,Tony and me can all meet up next year.

  3. Best of luck on achieving your 2012 goals... looks like I need to join the fun, sit down, and write down some goals.

  4. Congrats on setting some goals and good luck reaching them!