Thursday, April 7, 2011

Second Chance Taken.

A couple of posts ago I was moaning about being out bid at the last second on three cards I really wanted. The Wade Davis red refractor and James Shields Superfractor have long since disappeared into the collections of other lucky collectors. I was also outbid on the card above, I was feeling pretty pissed off at ebay as you can imagine. So it was to my utter surprise last week when I logged into my ebay account that I noticed I had a second chance offer. As I bid on quite a few cards during the week I curious to find out which card I was having a second chance at. Imagine my surprise when I saw the card that was being offered to me, 2010 Topps James Shields Platinum Border 1/1, I couldn't hit the pay now button fast enough. So for the grand total of $21.78 I now own my first cardboard Shields 1/1, I already had two printing plates but never a cardboard 1/1.

Of course Karma can come back to kick you in the ass, I got the card I really wanted and the Rays start the season 0-6. Remember the season is a marathon not a sprint.

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