Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Babe I Never Knew Ye.

I had an e mail from my Dad yesterday, attached to it was a group of cards I didn't know I had. Most were good old fire starting 90's junk. The one card that held my eye was this Babe Ruth, it's 1992 Conlon Babe Ruth collection card (value $not much). Babe Ruth cards always interest me for the simple fact the guy was baseball back in the day. Of course the fancy Babe cards are well out of my price range, so it was a nice surprise to find I had a Babe tucked away. I love the picture on this card, I can just imagine the ball flying away in the bleachers and scruffy little kids fighting over it. Also worth noting is the lack of body armor being worn by Babe. No helmet, no shin guard or elbow guard and no batting gloves. Of course helmets are a very important part of the game now, but do todays players really need all their armor? What would the Babe have thought of todays players?

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