Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hank Makes a Bad Week Good.

The past seven days have not been too happy on a card colecting
front. First off there was the Topps 2011 James Shields Platinum 1/1, sniped at last second. Next was the Bowman Chrome James Shields Superfractor 1/1, sniped at the last second. Curse you slow I-Net connection. So all in all I was feeling a tad glum about cards in general.

My week was certainly perked up by a package from the good ole US of A yesterday though. Inside was a Hank Aaron 1961 Topps. I had completly forgotten that I had purchased this card. Getting old is a bugger you know. Anyhoo, the card is in a very good condition,I'm not sure how it would rate on the BGS/PSA grading scale, but it is a nice looking card and I'm happy to have a Hank in the collection.

In 1957 Hank hit 44 Homers 132 RBI's and had a batting average of .322. A great year rewarded with the NL MVP trophy.

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