Monday, April 18, 2011

First Ever Blog Trade.

The weekend brought my half of my first ever blog trade. Mr San Jose Fuji was the blogger who was brave enough to trade with me. Fuji got two Greg Maddux Jersey cards for his Maddux pc and I Was lucky enough to recieve the Cole Hamels Masterpieces Jersey card and the Frank Thomas below. I love the Materpieces cards,they look and feel so cool. This is why I miss Upper Deck so much,come on Topps no more retro sets think of something new. Also I got the sweet Frank Thomas Jersey card,again Sweet Spot is another favorite set of mine. Sadly this card has a personal bug bear of mine. Big FRank is in his Jays uniform but the card has the A's logo on it. Just laziness from the card company there,
I had seen other traders trade with Fuji and they all got an auto'ed Fuji card. I was really happy when opening my package to see my very own Fuji card. To be honest this is my favorite card from the trade. I just hope Fuji looks less stressed in real life. I know he is a teacher so maybe this is how he looks all the time. Many many thanks for such a cool and simple trade Mr Fuji.

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