Monday, March 12, 2012

Tyler Goeddel My New Prospect To Collect.

Meet my new Rays prospect to collect, Mr Tyler Goeddel. Picked 41st in the 2011 draft, Goeddel is a third baseman from California who gave up the chance to go to UCLA to sign with the Rays. Tyler is still only nineteen years old, standing at six foot four he only weighs in at 175lbs. The Rays will be hoping he puts some muscle on his rangy frame.

Rated the 7th best 3rd base prospect in 2011 by Baseball America. Seen here on last years coolest design,the Leaf Valiant card. This is my first but not my last Goeddel auto. As with all the prospects I collect it's not really for profit just for the fun of collecting a young guy and seeing how he pans out. The Rays will be hoping for a good progression from him, this is so he will take over from Evan Longoria when the Rays have to trade him away due to his salary becoming unmanageable or the partying finally gets him.

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