Friday, October 28, 2011

Goodies From New York New York.

1968 the year I was born,also the year Topps did the baseball game insert. The cards above are from that set, these were accquired in another great trade with AJ from The Lost Collector blog. AJ has completed the 33 card set and these are some of the dupes he had. I sent AJ three vintage Yankees which will look much better in his collection than mine.

I love these cards as they are a cheaper way of getting some cool HOF'er cards. I think I will chase down the rest of the set now that AJ has given me a healthy head start. The Mantle and the AAron will be the most expensive ones to track down, but looking at the prices on ebay they do appear very affordable. As this is a vintage set I won't be in a huge hurry to finish it due to other pc considerations, but I am determined to get it finished off.

As always many thanks AJ.

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  1. Thanks as always! Good luck with the set - it's a lot of fun!