Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A J Sends B J.

It's not often I send random e mails to people, but here are the results of one such random mail. About a month ago I came across the blog The Lost Collector, the guy who runs the blog A J is a massive Yankees fan. I had a few Yankees laying around gathering dust and thought it might be an idea to see if he wanted them. A few e mails back and forth and a deal was struck. A J received a couple of Mantle cards and a Phil Hughes GU and a Mariano Rivera GU. In return A J was good enough to send me some nice prospect cards and the two cards you see here. The first is a very nice B J Upton Gold Refractor from the Topps 206 set. I love refractors and Rays refractors are always welcome to my PC. Second card is a Ryan Brett Purple Refractor, as well as being a refractor it's a Rays prospect refractor which makes it even sweeter. So a big thank you to A J for doing the trade and for being brave enough to ship overseas. I would like to point you all towards his blog, even though it's Yankees based it is a very interesting read. He gets some really sweet TTM autos which have made me very jealous.

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