Saturday, July 16, 2011

Allen and Ginter But not 2011!!!

As we all know Allen & Ginter fever has hit the blogsphere, so I thought I would show off my new Allen & Ginter purchase. It is from the 1888 World Champions set, yes you read that right. This card is 123 years old and for it's age it's in amazing condition.

Albert Hamm was born in Sambro Nova Scotia in 1860, he went on to become a professional rower. He won races in Canada, America even in the UK. He went on to coach the Lurlaine Rowing Club in Minnieapolis. He had to leave the post in 1891 due to bad health, he returned to his home in Nova Scotia where he died in 1891.

He may have died 120 years ago but Albert Hamm has been immortalized in cardboard form for the last 123 years and hopefully this card will last another 123 years.

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