Monday, June 27, 2011

Cool Photo.

As the main focus of my PC's is either pitchers or prospects it's not very often I get a card with a cool photo on it. Pitcher cards are usually the standard throwing style picture and the prospect photo's usually seem to have been taken in a back lot at spring training. So it's nice to have such a sweet card like the above. The card came in a rather large package from Martyn of Arbitarycrap. Martyn is one of the good guys in this hobby, he will often send me a package of cards and ask for nothing in return.

The question about this card is, did Zobrist catch the ball? Did it fall short or pop from his glove on contact with the field. Why is no one watching from the stands? I doff my Rays cap to the photographer of this one. Cheers Martyn...

1 comment:

  1. Glad you like them,
    there's a couple of great shots this year,
    I'm saying he makes the catrch looking at his eyes & the direction his glove and ball.

    It'd make a great Baseball edition of the old pools game "Spot the Ball!" any Brit remember them back in the day!