Wednesday, December 22, 2010

IP Prospects.

Earlier in the year just after the release of Bowman a member on SCF decided to get all of the Topps 100 cards signed in person. By the end of the Milb season he had got at least 30 of the cards signed. A couple of weeks ago he posted that he had moved to Maui and would no longer be able to complete his quest. He began to offer the signed cards for sale, and as luck would have it the first two he offered were Hellickson and Jennings, at $7 for the pair it was too good an offer to turn down. Along with the cards he sent the game ticket at which he got the autos. I feel lucky to have these cards, because the idea he had was an excellent one and he was doing so well in collecting the 100 autos. In his thread about his progress he would tell the readers which players were easy to get to sign and which were not. Anyone looking for Mike Leake to sign may be unlucky as he seems to think he is already a big shot.

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  1. I remember seeing that thread but haven't followed it for a while. That guy had a great project going there, shame he cant complete it.
    But his loss is your gain!
    Thanks for pointing out the Lind red on the bay. Is on its way to me now.