Friday, December 10, 2010

Brith of a New PC.

Hello everyone, it's been a few days since my last post. This is due to me being pretty sick and to be honest just plain bloody lazy. The good lady and myself seem to picked up a rather nasty cough/fever virus, my stepson has also got it, it's like living in a TB clinic right now.

I thought I would show off the start of my new Wade Davis PC. Why Wade Davis I hear you mutter. Simple he fits the Lemons criteria, he is a Ray and he is cheap. To start the PC I thought I would go Topps Chrome 2010, pictured above is the base chrome auto and pictured below is the refractor auto #/499.
And finally the crown jewel thus far, the Blue Refractor Auto #/199. As stated earlier this is a new PC which may be pursued as strongly as my James Shields one or just a passing fancy like my Matt Garza. Stay tuned for further developments.

Before I sign off, I would like to give a big thank you to Ryan and Colin at Sports Card Radio. These guys not only produce a top quality podcast on the world of card collecting, they also host great contests for free box breaks. These guys do this in their own time with their own resources, if you never listen to the podcast give it a try also pop oever to the website for all the information a cardboard head would need.


  1. Good luck on the Davis PC!!! I started collecting him at the beginning of the year and I don't have much more. He totally fits my criteria and he is from Lake Wales, Florida AND he is still on the team...

  2. Looking good! I've just started two Giants prospects PCs, Craig Clark and Thomas Neal. I dont have much just a few base autos and base cards.
    Know that I have learnt that there is a Lake Wales I may pick up a card or two of Davis.

  3. I am working on the Chrome Rainbow,need a purple and a red to complete.No point chasing the superfractor.