Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tyler Goeddel Mail Week.

I had a bit of a crazy Goeddel week this week, first new card to appear was the Bowman Sterling 2011 auto, nice design as always but not the greatest picture.

The second card to arrive was this cool Donruss EEE 2011 Aspirations 10/100 Die Cut, a very nice card which was a very nice price, I am a big fan of Extra Edition cards and am always happy to pick up the rarer ones at a nice price. 
Card three was the little brother of the Aspirations auto,this one is the Franchise Futures auto 374/415 a very nice priced pick up.
Card four is another Extra Editon card, this time the yearbook version, this one is numbered out of 70.
Card five was another Panini card,this time a base auto from the Playoff Contenders set, a shame Panini used the exact same picture as the card above,but I can't complain too much. It's cool Panini bring out these prospect sets even though they're not licenced.
Last and by no means least is the Playoff Contenders Printing Plate 1/1 or 1/4 take your pick. This is my first Goeddel 1/1 and hopefully not my last.
If any of you guys have any Goeddel cards you want to trade away give me a buzz and hopefully we can work something out.

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