Thursday, September 29, 2011

More Coolness From AJ.

A few weeks ago I did a trade with AJ from The Lost Collector blog, it was a smooth and easy trade with a really cool guy. Due to problems with immigration which forced a trip to Hong Kong to sort out a new Philipine visa and a typhoon which has just decimated the country I have not been able to post the results of said trade. Well wait no longer faithful viewers, because here ar the results. If I remember rightly AJ got a 1952 Gene Woodling and a 1955 Scooter Rizzuto, I'm sure I sent something else but for the life of me can't remember what it was. Anyway AJ was kind enough to trade me three 1953 Topps cards for my ever growing Brooklyn Dodgers PC. The thing I love so much about these cards is the "loved" condition.

I don't have a huge budget for cards and I really appreciate any trade that can get me a few vintage Dodger cards. Condition is always secondary to me where vintage is concerned, and the loved condition of the above cards just adds to the coolness. AJ didn't know me from a hole in the road when I emailed him via his blog, He probably thought "who is this oddball from the UK". AJ was a kind and gracious trading partner and someone I will be willing to trade with on a regular basis (even if he is a Yankee fan). I humbly suggest you search out his blog if you have not already, it's a really good read and very informative.

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