Saturday, August 6, 2011

Say Hey Ernie. is usually a pile of old toss, the usual junk wax era stuff with a bit of good thrown in, usually cards being sold by the other UK bloggers. Every now and again there are cards that will surprise. Last week during one of my seemingly fruitless trips through the crap, I came across a nine card lot of Topps 1970 cards. Aha I thought this will be guys I have never heard of, but I clicked on the link and to my utter surprise included in the lot were Willie and Ernie plus seven lesser cards. The problem now was how much to have as a highest bid, due to the auction ending when I would be tucked up in bed. So I bid fifteen pounds or twenty three dollars if you prefer and retired to bed. I was very surprised the next day to find that I had one the auction, even more surprised when I got an email from Tony (Collector across the pond) telling me he had just missed out on a lot of 1970 Topps. Tony is a massive Giants fan and was no doubt looking to get the Willie.

I guess the moral of the story is, just keep on looking as you never know what you may find. Hey Tony the Willie is for trade!!!!!

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